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multi-function tarpaulin


What is a multi-function tarpaulin? The principle of multi-functional tarpaulin, multi-functional tarpaulin is a new type of textile fabric, whose composition is made of polymer waterproof and breathable material (PTFE film) plus fabric composite fabric. A special craft fabric that does not wet when it hits water, and does not chemically react with water. Generally, the waterproof fabric is used in places where moisture is large and rain is more likely to come into contact with water. The clothes made of waterproof fabric can be used not only for washing, but also for the trouble of carrying an umbrella in rainy days.

What is a multifunctional waterproof cloth?

The multi-functional tarpaulin textile has the properties of oil repellency, water repellency and water pressure resistance. The highest test result of this fabric test is jis l-1099 b1, b2 Japanese industrial standard test. The ptfe film was hooped on a plastic cup with a rubber ring to form a water vapor permeable cup. Before the film is coated on the cup, sufficient liquid is placed in the water vapor permeable cup to fill the cup volume by about 2/3. Three samples of 20 cm * 30 cm square were taken from each fabric. Each sample was placed on a test support. All coated or laminated fabrics are secured to the support frame with a rubber ring and the coated or laminated side faces outward.
Multi-functional tarpaulins have developed more and more rapidly in recent years. Organic fluororesin is a waterproof and oil-repellent finishing agent with excellent performance. It is widely used in clothing, high-grade interior decorations, shoes and socks, bed sheets, bags and other products due to its high efficiency, non-deterioration and ease of use. .
The real multi-functional tarpaulin can withstand the pressure of seepage water for a long time in a humid climate, and it does not seep water. For example, if you walk in the wind and rain for a long time, you will not seep on water when you are sitting on the wet ground. The product needs two-layer composite and three-layer composite. It is widely used in outdoor apparel, mountaineering, windbreaker, raincoat, shoes and hat gloves, cold jacket, sporting goods, medical equipment, etc., and is gradually applied to fashion apparel.
In the state of water vapor, the water particles are very small. According to the principle of capillary movement, the capillary can be smoothly penetrated to the other side, so that the vapor permeability phenomenon occurs. When the water vapor condenses into water droplets, the particles become larger due to the surface of the water droplets. The role of tension (water molecules collide with each other), water molecules can not smoothly escape from the water beads to the other side, that is, to prevent the penetration of water, so that the vapor-permeable membrane has a waterproof function.

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