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HDPE tarpaulin tents


Many campers have such questions: There are already tents. Why do you want to bring a tarpaulin? In fact, experienced people all know that tarps have a wide range of uses in field activities, and it is not heavy and does not occupy much in the backpack.

Build a simple tent: For weather-friendly areas, tarps were first used in the wild as a minimum required tent (refuge). Simply build a rope, some trees and rocks that are well-distributed, and even your trekking poles. An ordinary tarpaulin can become a simple shelter, sheltering you from wind and sunlight. Today, this method is still used in the construction of wild kitchens. (Figure)
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In addition, we all know that the high waterproof requirement of the tent sacrifices its ventilation, and many tents can give people a feeling of steaming in the hot days. Instead, the simple shelter built by the waterproof cloth has good ventilation effect, and it effectively blocks the fog and gives you a cool and comfortable sleep.

Protecting the bottom of tents: More than a decade ago, the backpackers gave up the use of tarpaulin shelters and began to use the tents. The tarpaulin changed its role and became a “cloth” - very thin but very effective. Dirty, irregular floor separation; more effective prevention of moisture infiltration directly into the tent, try to keep your tent dry. A nylon cloth or plastic sheet can somewhat block some sharp stones from piercing the waterproof bottom of your tent. (Although, you still have to carefully remove these substances while checking the campsite.) A tarpaulin can also reduce the wear on the bottom of your tent as it moves inside the tent, extending its useful life.

Other Benefits: During camping breaks, the tarpaulin can give you a clean place to fold or roll up your tent, pick up other equipment and eat dinner; and when your journey encounters rain, you can use a rope to pull open the tarpaulin to make a Simple awnings will start over the tent above the place where you are preparing to camp; this will ensure that you do not get wet inside the tent and other equipment before you get up in the tent.

At present, there are well-made tarpaulins for sale in general travel goods stores. The main material is waterproof nylon, and there are metal buckles. The price is relatively cheap, and there are tens of dollars. Of course, you can buy a large piece of plastic film instead, which is even cheaper.

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